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Serving as a food products supplier , our company has adopted an innovative and professional approach in the field of activity. In this context, our Organization is a reliable address that meets the need for healthy fresh vegetable fruit and meat products. Our company is determining the management policy to serve in accordance with world standards. It excels in quality and food safety in the sense of service. The demands of food products from our company are met in a process consisting of 3 steps.
• Products are provided in accordance with the first requests. At this point, it is possible to say that our firm’s strong network and professional team have accelerated the process. A study is carried out to preserve the quality of the entire process when supplying products.
• The second phase is the preparation process. The products are packaged in the preparation stage so as not to be harmed during shipping. The packages we use vary depending on the property and quantity of the products.
• The final step is to move the products.
Detailed planning of this process is carried out by our company and every demand is carefully fulfilled. In this way, every demand that we meet can be a feature that reflects the quality of both products and services of our company.
With organic farming products, not only consumers, but also natural resources are preserved. Providing an international contribution to the sustainability point of the ecosystem, our company provides reliable food that allows healthy nutrition. It is prevented from agrochemicals and synthetic preservatives and in fertilizers that are far from genetically modified foods, protecting human health and harming the environment.


Food Organic and Healthy Products

Our company is a food products supplier that give importance to the diversity of wholesale fresh vegetable and fruit needs. We offer products from mushroom to carrot, onion to eggplant, cucumber, pumpkin, peach to Kiraza, from quince to nara many vegetables and fruit. You can reach all of these products within the framework of international payment terms. Because we are not a local food supplier, credit card, westernunion, MoneyGram or Paypal options are not accepted for payments. There is no fixed price list due to the fact that the product diversity is more and the market conditions are variable. Prices vary depending on the amount of product you request. If you provide precise information about the products that enter your interest in terms of quantity and type, we will notify our team about current prices.
The diversity of the product groups also leads to changes in delivery dates. Depending on the quantity and diversity of the requested product, our customers are informed about when delivery is available. However, our team carries out effective work to ensure that delivery takes place as soon as possible.
Serving as a food products supplier, our company is committed to bringing organic and healthy products to consumers. Synthetic chemicals are not permitted in organic food production and in the marketing phase. In order to increase the yield of the soil by making an October watch, the product residues, animal fertilizers, non-agricultural organic wastes. Green fertilizer are utilized for the need for fertilization of vegetables and fruits. Biological methods are also preferred for combating diseases or pests during the cultivation of plants. The aim of the organic production system is to increase the efficiency of soil and stimulate the effectiveness of the production of organisms in the soil.

With cupitfood buying food products from Turkey becomes very easy. Cupitfood as a company of food products supplier of organic fruits and vegetables is able to export the amount you need to anywhere in the world. As one of the best food distribution companies in Turkey, our company only delivers the freshest fruits and vegetables for you. All of our fruits and vegetables are produced with the care they deserve by Turkish farmers. We are ready and determined to provide you with the best Turkish fruits and vegetables. As cupitfood, a turkish exporter of wholesale frozen foods, our mission is to introduce the food that we like and produce with diligence to the world.

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