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Pomegranate is a member of Lythraceae family. Its origin is West Asia and India. Its trees can grow up to 5 meters. It is a fruit that grows in mild climates. According to some sources, it first appeared in Iran.

Pomegranate cultivation happens in almost every region of Turkey. Mediterranean region is the place where most of the pomegranate cultivation happens. After Mediterranean comes Aegean and Southeast Anatolia in terms of pomegranate production. %61 of the total pomegranate cultivation in Turkey happens in mediterranean region, while aegean region is responsible for %23 and southeast anatolia is responsible for %9. With approximately 13 million trees, on average 310.000 tone of pomegranate is produced every year. Turkish pomegranate is produced most in Antalya province. %35 of the total pomegranate production happens here. After Antalya, respectively comes Muğla, Denizli, Mersin and Gaziantep.

Turkey is situated 4th in pomegranate production in the whole World after India, Iran and China. If we were to look at export data, then we can see that Turkey is rank number 1 with 85.000 tonne. China because of population excess cannot export. These are the most known cultivars of pomegranate in Turkey; Hicaz Pomegranete, Caner(seedless) Pomegranete, Wonderful Pomegranete, Esin Pomegranete, İzmir Seedless and İzmir 23. Turkey exports pomegranate to 39 different countries. Countries that are exported to the most are Germany, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Russia.

Apart from its use as a fruit, it is also used in making pomegranate syrup, fruit juice, wine, liquor, jam and jelly, chemistry and cosmetics, medicine sector, paint and ink and cologne manufacturing.

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Organic & Natural Pomegranates
  • Origin: Turkey
  • Cultivars of Pomegranate: Hicaz, Caner(seedless), Wonderful, Esin, İzmir Seedless
  • Packaging: 25 Kilograms for each box. Please ask for special packaging options.
  • Minimum Order Amount: 20.000 Kilograms
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Product Informations

  • It regulates the blood pressure.
  • It supports the heart in working regularly.
  • It protects the body immunity and increases it.
  • It provides energy and eliminates exhaustion.
  • It ejects the toxines within the body thanks to its diuretic effect.
  • It strengthens the immune system.
  • It regulates cholesterol and blood glucose.
  • It prevents diarrhea
  • It builds up gingiva.
  • It prevents the spread of cancerous cells.
  • It prevents vessel stiffness and widens them.
  • By regulating the amount of sugar within the blood, it prevents diabetes.
  • It prevents the infections on skin and provides smoothness.


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  • It includes Vitamin A,
  • vitamin C,
  • iron,
  • Calcium,
  • vitamin D,
  • vitamin B6,
  • magnesium and vitamin B12.
  • Inside a 100 gr pomegranate 82 cal, 1.2 gr grease,
  • 0 mg cholesterol, 3 mg sodium, 236 mg potassium, 19 gr carbohydrate, 4 gr fibre and 1.7 gr protein can be found.


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  • In the international arena, pomegranate enters among other fruit codes.
  • In general, these fruits will be worth 3 billion USD.
  • Turkey is 7th rank in the export of such fruit.
  • Most of these fruits are exported to Thailand and Vietnam.
  • In the same way, these fruits have an import of USD 3.3 billion.
  • Interestingly, Vietnam is among the top recipient countries.
  • Import is in 1st place in China.


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