Wholesale Food Distributor

CUPITFOOD is a foreign trade supply brand. We have an intensive effort on food and agricultural products. We have experience for almost 10 years. We have many partners on earth. We are dedicated to being your solution partner.

We provide a wide product range with good quality and competitive prices due to our strong business network including producers. In every step of your import process, we do our best to help and manage things, so you do not need to worry about anything. We are working together with our partners.


Cupitfood family started its business journey with logistics in 1993 and met with agriculture and food with going into imports and exports field. It always approached its customers with a positive and understanding manner with its 25 years of experience. We are proud as CUPITFOOD to offer friendly solutions to our customers as a brand that gained a corporate body and a team that became professionals.


CUPITFOOD as a company that already exported fresh fruit and vegetables to a lot of countries, it is a company that stands out from the rest with its continuous supplier brand recognition. Our team while not hesitating to give every possible support to our customers, not only does this in terms of supplying but also logistically. Our aim is to keep the product fresh while providing the best price and fastest travel with our years of logistic and shipping experience.


We are not holding back from getting modern applications that fits the world standards in order to satisfy you, customers, that are the most precious part of our company. Even the newest technologies comes to life in a very short term with our technical team that performs with a mentality that is open to new things. We are making an effort in order for our company which does all these quality implementations, to reach a wider audience.


CUPITFOOD brand aimed to provide its customers, which demand wholesale fruit and vegetables, with best quality products thanks to its wide range of goods. It has a team that supervise the products that are going to be exported through cultivation to packaging while dealing with them one by one.


We are in a state in which we have nearly reinvented quality standard of the sector we are dealing with in our country. While many companies spent efforts to stand up to the standards that we set, our company is already designing new things and differences for future. In this case, it is a proud thing that all these implementations and service that are admired to be present within the establishment that standardised them.


CUPITFOOD family does not even consider offering unhealthy and second rate products to be sold and even if it is not the season for fresh fruit and vegetable it plans to supply with fruits and vegetables that are preserved in cold storage depots.


Our company, CUPITFOOD, that operates nonstop with a style of relentlessness and innovativeness, makes no concession about the mentality of respectfulness and morality. We are expanding our services so that we can make a habit of seeing things from opposite side’s point of view and our services can be built with durable foundations. We are making an effort to keep our experienced workers sharp and keep all of our employees safe so that we can offer constructive and permanent solutions in the sector. We frequently mention customer oriented work principle, environment friendliness, socially productiveness and our desire to be the top among the trustworthy brands along with our love for society among our values.

We, as CUPITFOOD, prioritise your satisfaction and aim to supply properly without any problem. Our team, blending the experience gathered from exporting to a lot of countries in the world, shall approach you with a professional attitude.

As we see our valuable customers as the real owner of our company we follow your contribution in creating the products and services in an interactive relation. While doing this, we are carrying out the duty given to us as a leader in the sector together with the strength that we receive from you.

We are fulfilling an important mission by bringing modern implementations and realities of the country together in a pot in order to look at the future safely. We are constantly adapting ourselves so that we can send you the best quality products in all of our service areas.

Together with a vision that catches the modern and winks to the future and our colleagues, we are trying to be in a leadership status not only in our country, but in the world as well. Thus our ever growing company, resuming its path with firm steps, also tries for better days.

In order to fulfill the responsibility of being a company that is looked up in the sector, we are always researching the best and most beautiful. Even though we have deserved appreciation for a lot of services and products that we presented until now, we are not satisfied with our situation today for a bigger and happier customer community.

For this reason, we have taken up the mission of providing the best to our customers with most economical options and right methods. We are very much aware that while providing all these we have to make no compromises in moral values and ethical principles.


CUPITFOOD interested in our goal as wholesale fresh fruits as apricots, apples, cherries, figs, grapes, melons, peaches, pears, plums, pomegranates, quince, such as watermelon is to bring you the supply and food products. Wholesale fruit to your requests quickly and we’re approaching the final solution. Food supply, food to delivery, we provide logistical support every step of the way.


CUPITFOOD as the brand name wholesale fresh vegetables as beans, carrots, cucumber, eggplant, mushrooms, peppers, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, Zucchini, food products, such as procurement, we deliver. Send us your demand by passing the ball from vegetables you can take advantage of high-quality organic vegetables.