Organic Food Suppliers

As organic food suppliers, we provide wholesale organic fresh fruit and vegetable production that is produced in the most natural way for you and your children. Our production facilities, staff number; From high-level logistics services to professional management understanding. Our company is a company that has gained the praise and appreciation of its partners in the national field.
Nowadays the importance of nutrition has increased, and with this importance, the habit of organic nutrition has gained great significance. We think that everyone should benefit from delicious, organic and fresh vegetables and fruits produced in Turkey and we are making our sales in a collective way. Our unadulterated, healthy and herbal products are manufactured to protect human health. Since no artificial material is used, the name of the work we do is called organic. All of our products are “appropriately grown, packaged and labeled for sale abroad in a wholesale manner” in accordance with the regulations on the principles and implementation of organic agriculture.
People who care about health, organic food consumption must also be able to provide through professional organic food suppliers. Our company, which has the necessary certificates, fulfills its work in a most successful, quality and meticulous manner by complying with the law. We are among the company that sells vegetable-fruit wholesale to reliable, clean abroad with our stages. Which are meticulously monitored at every stage, from the cultivation and effectiveness of the products. Turkey’s organic vegetable and fruit quality is carried abroad with our professional team.  Since it brings everyone to this quality food and we announce our name with our professionalism. We are proud to produce the healthiest vegetables and fruits for everyone. Especially children, as they stay away from chemicals and methods at every stage of our organic vegetables and fruits.

Organic Food Distributors

As a successful and professional organic food supplier, we also have dealership services abroad. We are starting to work with a reasonable level of investment for people who want to open a franchise to make the fresh and delicious vegetables and fruits that we sell abroad and to benefit everyone from Turkish vegetable-fruit quality. As we rely on the quality of the products that we have and sell. And in the same way we have a loved admired business understanding that we have abundant in our business. We offer to open our franchises with the possibilities that we have made easy We’re giving you a way to be a franchise. We’re supplying organic food suppliers.
For the health of people and children who are fed with organic vegetables and fruits. We are expanding our business every day and we are interested in the benefits of organic products as much as possible. Since we are a company that caters to your budget which you can contact us for further information. You are permitted after analyzing the status of your investment, where you want to open a dealership.
It is more than a share of organic vegetable and fruit in dealing with obesity disease. Which has become a major problem of today. People who want to lose weight in a healthy way must opt for organic vegetables and fruits. Most fruits and vegetables offered to you by the chemical substances in the interior increase the risk of allergies. This risk is reduced to the zero level with organic vegetables and fruits, especially because it causes major health problems in children.
Would you like to work with us as a Cupit Food company? We are pleased to provide supply with our high logistics technologies. Contact us, your wholesale fruit and vegetable purchases.

With cupitfood buying frozen food from Turkey becomes very easy. Cupitfood as a company of supplier of organic fruits and vegetables is able to export the amount you need to anywhere in the world. As one of the best food distribution companies in Turkey, our company only delivers the freshest fruits and vegetables for you. All of our fruits and vegetables are produced with the care they deserve by Turkish farmers. We are ready and determined to provide you with the best Turkish fruits and vegetables. As cupitfood, a turkish exporter of wholesale frozen foods, our mission is to introduce the food that we like and produce with diligence to the world.

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