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11 May 2018
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25 May 2018

Organic wholesale suppliers can provide you with the desired proportions of natural vegetables and fruits grown without hormones or artificial supplements. At this point, you can supply organic fruits and vegetables through our company, which carries out natural farming on the territory of Turkey. Our company, with the use of natural agriculture in accordance with the season of tomato, pepper, cucumber, eggplant and apples, as well as dozens of different kinds of fruits and vegetables are breeding. These products are marketed in a wholesale manner in the overseas market. As a company, we provide natural quality and real flavor in all the products we offer.

Our products are completely natural and packaged according to standards. We offer a great appreciation by offering our products with European standards in a wholesale way in the overseas market. Products supplied from our company are sold or used in local businesses, restaurant businesses, markets and grocery stores across many countries. Our products create a natural and healthy flavor in food and dining tables. Many European countries have the advantage of healthy food consumption by preferring our company for quality and without doubt the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

When organic foods are defined in the simplest way; and cultivation of foods that are not used in any chemical substances. These products consist of fruits and vegetables that have not been genetically altered and are cultivated with natural seeds. At the same time, the secondary products created with these fruits and vegetables are likewise organic and natural. Therefore, our company, which is located in the organic wholesale suppliers, provides all the necessary qualifications and is a very frequently preferred quality in the overseas market.

Organic Food Suppliers

It is necessary to return to organic farming as in ancient times so that the new generations will be able to live healthy and away from diseases. However, since there are no agricultural fields and facilities to perform organic farming in many countries, these products may need to be obtained from abroad. Since Turkey has advantages over climate, soil efficiency, seed and cultivation for organic farming, natural and organic farming can be made in our country. Organic agricultural products provide clean and safe food that your country needs in international standards.

In order to produce, package and use organic agricultural products on subjects such as food safety and hygiene, it is necessary to process many standards. To ensure these standards, it is also necessary to provide an attentive and canonical cultivation. At this point, we offer a healthy product option thanks to the organic farming services and methods that we perform as a company. Organic fruits and vegetables are found in the class;

• carrot

• potato

• onion

• tomato

• pepper

• eggplant

• cucumber

• orange

• mandarin

• watermelon

• pomegranate

• grape

• celery

• cabbage

• artichoke

• leeks

• garlic

• mushroom

• pumpkin

• cherry

• fig

• We provide dozens of different products, such as beans, between our options.


Organic products produced according to the export rules of our company are made ready for use by packing in legally determined frames. These packaged foods have a special feature that can be supplied in a collective manner. In many different countries abroad, our food products are easily used by businesses. In addition, special production and marketing can be made at the desired level and quantity at the point of requesting organic food. Considering today’s agricultural conditions, it is possible to supply healthy and undoubtedly food wholesale thanks to the productions made by our company. Because our company, legal and quality food production documents and experience in a wholesale way to offer the production.

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