Fresh fruits and vegetables are delivered in the quickest way, according to the desired delivery style.


Quality products are always offered with first class food supply.


The wholesale fruit and vegetable products are presented with a wide range of food quantities.


With customer satisfaction, we are always supplied with a 100% procurement approach.

Fruits and Vegetables

As Cupit Food Company, which has undertaken the distribution and procurement phases to sell fruits and vegetables at the international level, we meet the need for all kinds of fruits and vegetables demanded from us. Our company, which has a history of about 10 years in the field of food and agricultural products with intense effort, continues to serve you with its 25 years of experience since its inception. Thanks to our partners, we are able to cooperate with the work we have done so far from all over the world, we offer you a solution.

Fruits and Vegetables Supplier

Instead of working with a single farmer to offer you the best quality vegetables and fruits at very competitive prices with high levels of competition, we are bringing you the product we have received from many farmers. Thus, the numbers that you need to pay for the fruits and vegetables supplier remain below the numbers that many other distribution and supply companies have revealed. The quality of the products, without compromising the flavor completely 1. With a list of class products, we offer you fruits and vegetables supply.


Wholesale Fruits and Vegetables

As a company that has served and continues to serve to all points of the world, we are putting our differences in our product diversity with the wholesale fruits and vegetables suppliers. We make it easy to choose different types of fruit that you can buy not only for plum, fig, watermelon, melon, but also for a single fruit. Our company wholesale fruits and vegetables suppliers in vegetable products, such as beans, carrots, mushrooms, onions, zucchini is a company that brings to you a number of different products.

Fruits and Vegetables Delivery

We are delivering fruits and vegetables as a company for those who want to sell fruits and vegetables in their own place, especially in restaurants, markets and similar places. Unlike many other wholesalers, after the first stage of the products being taken from farmers, carrying out the transportation, packaging of the products and the distribution of customs operations after the completion of all liability at the point of fruits and vegetables delivery. With our wide product network we are able to offer you the best quality and reasonable price.


Fruits and Vegetables Wholesalers

As one of the strongest companies in our region, we help people who are in search of fruits and vegetables wholesalers with all our experience. Thanks to the strong business relations we have established so far, we are able to offer our farmers the products that preserve their freshness and quality from our customers to the latest consumers. We are among the rare fruits and vegetables wholesalers who offer you many fruits from peach to grape, along with a variety of vegetables from potato to eggplant.

With cupitfood buying fruit and vegetables from Turkey becomes very easy. Cupitfood as a company of supplier of organic fruits and vegetables is able to export the amount you need to anywhere in the world. As one of the best food distribution companies in Turkey, our company only delivers the freshest fruits and vegetables for you. All of our mushrooms are produced with the care they deserve by Turkish farmers. We are ready and determined to provide you with the best Turkish fruits and vegetables. As cupitfood, a turkish exporter of wholesale fresh fruits and vegetables, our mission is to introduce the food that we like and produce with diligence to the world.

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