Fig is the only member in the family of moraceae that gives fruit, which makes it commercially valuable. Its trees have two types, as male and female. Fruits of male trees are not satisfactory in terms of taste and they are lesser in number while being small. Fruits of female trees on the other hand are tasty, large in number, bigger and can be consumed. Female trees are used for gathering fruits while male ones are used for pollination. Height of the trees can reach up to 5 or 6 metre. Its fruit resembles the pear. Inside the skin like shell there exist a flower. Flower turns into a seed with growing ripe and the real fruit grows out of this seed. It grows in the areas with high heat and no frost happening during the winter months. In april and may it is gathered for the making of jam while fresh fig season is june and july.

In some sources it is said that its origin point is Turkey. It is  also said that it spread to Palestine, China, Middle East, India and Syria from Turkey. In Turkey it is produced the most in Aegean Region provinces such as Aydın and İzmir. Turkey is the head of fig cultivation in the world. %23 of the world’s Fresh fig production and %54 of the dried fig production happens in Turkey. Fresh Turkish figs in this case is very much needed for exporting to whole world. From approximately 75 thousand tonne dried fig production, 63 thousand tonne is exported. Turkey produces almost 120.000 tonne fig in a year. Sarılop and Sarı Zeybek are the best for dried fig. Bursa Siyahı, Yeşilgüz, Morgüz, Göklop, Bardakçı, Siyah Orak and Beyaz Orak on the other hand are best for consuming fresh.

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Organic & Natural Figs
  • Origin: Turkey
  • Cultivars of Fig: Sarılop, Sarı Zeybek, Bursa Siyahı, Siyah Orak, Beyaz Orak
  • Packaging: 25 Kilograms for each box. Please ask for special packaging options.
  • Minimum Order Amount: 20.000 Kilograms
With cupitfood buying fresh and dried fig from Turkey becomes very easy.Cupitfood as a company of supplier of organic fruits and vegetables is able to export the amount you need to anywhere in the world. As one of the best food distribution companies in Turkey, our company only delivers the freshest fruits and vegetables for you. All of our figs are produced with the care they deserve by Turkish farmers in a country which is the leader in producing figs. We are ready and determined to provide you with the best Turkish figs. As cupitfood, a turkish exporter of wholesale fresh fruits and vegetables, our mission is to introduce the food that we like and produce with diligence to the world.
Product Informations

  • Its fruit is a solution for mental and physical exhaustion, it gives strength and energy.
  • Dried fig helps speeding up cell renewal.
  • It helps relieving the pain in the stomach and intestines, bronchitis, cough and shortness of breath.
  • It prevents the growing of cancerous cells.
  • It curbs the multiplication of virus and harmful bacteria.
  • It contributes to the bone formation and teeth health.
  • It prevents the cholesterol from mixing with the blood.
  • It helps recovering from amnesia and exhaustion
  • Its seeds, leaves, stems, resin, fruit and shell is used in the making of medication
  • Dried fig is used as expectorant.
  • It is effective against hemorrhoids and constipation

  • Both Fig fruit and its leaves are used as raw material in many fields.
  • It has an important place in medicine, food and cosmetics industry.
  • It contains Protein, magnesium, calcium, sodium, carbohydrate, phosphor, folic acid, iron and vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6 and C for nutrition.
  • Eating 100 grams of dried fig meet the %30 of daily need for magnesium and iron for a human, %5 for vitamin B1, %20 for phosphor, %4 for vitamin B2 and %17 of calcium.
  • It is used in food sector for making jam, molasse, fruit blends and sugary products.

  • Turkey is # 1 with 80 thousand tons in 2017, the export of figs.
  • After Turkey’s exports are undertaken in Afghanistan and the Netherlands.
  • Figs exports in the world are around USD 600 million in 2017.
  • India is in the 1st place in 2017 for fig imports.
  • Imports are followed by Germany and France.
  • Although bred many species of fig varieties in Turkey, especially the “Yellow Lop” called the fig varieties, size, taste, meat processing, with bright colors and soft shell is the most suitable fig exports as one of the most appropriate type of tea in the world.
  • This fig variety is the most important production area in our country, Aegean region, especially around Izmir and Aydın. More than 90% of the fig production of our country is composed of yellow lop variety figs.


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