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Zucchini is a plant generally used as a vegetable that has a creeping stem and large leaves belonging to Cucurbitaceae family. Its origin is South America. Zucchini came to Europe from America and then to Asia from Europe and lastly to Anatolia. It is produced in hot and mild climates. It has to be cultivated in an area where sunlight is rich.

Zucchini cultivation in Turkey is done in both summer and winter, in winter it is done in greenhouses. Yearly production of zucchini in Turkey is approximately 323 thousand tonne. 275 thousand tonne of this production belongs to summer cultivation and 65 thousand tonne belongs to winter. Approximately 10 thousand of produced zucchini is exported to Middle Eastern and European countries.

Turkey is ranked 5th in the world in terms of zucchini production. Apart from its usage as food produced zucchinis are also used in the production of zucchini seed. Most zucchini is produced on the beaches of Mediterranean Region in Turkey. After Mediterranean, Aegean Region and Eastern Black Sea is on the list of zucchini production amount.

Zucchinis in Turkey are grouped as summer and winter. Summer zucchinis include; Grit Zucchini, Su Zucchini, Sakız Zucchini and Asma Zucchini. Winter Zucchinis are Bal Zucchini and Kestane Zucchini.

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Organic & Natural Zucchinis
  • Origin: Turkey
  • Cultivars of Zucchini: Grit Zucchini, Su Zucchini, Sakız Zucchini, Asma Zucchini, Bal Zucchini, Kestane Zucchini
  • Packaging: 25 Kilograms for each box. Please ask for special packaging options.
  • Minimum Order Amount: 20.000 Kilograms
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Product Informations

  • As it contains a low amount of grease it protects heart health.
  • As it contains a low amount of grease and calorie, it makes it easier to lose weight
  • It reduces the risk of having lung cancer.
  • As it contains iron, phosphor and zinc, it protects against bone diseases.
  • It protects eye health as it contains beta carotene and lutein.
  • It helps in ejecting the toxins from the body as it contains fiber.
  • It reduces headache due to stress as it contains manganese.
  • It strengthens immune system as it contains vitamin C.
  • It prolongs the aging of the skin.
  • It balances blood pressure.
  • Zucchini seed helps digestive tract to work regularly.
  • Zucchini seed oil is helpful to hair and skin maintenance.

  • 100 g of zucchini contains; vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin C, 14 kcal calorie, 0.5 g protein, 3.1 g carbohydrate, 0 cholesterol, 0.1 g grease, 0.6 g fiber, 25 mg phosphor, 25 mg calcium, 0.4 mg iron, 1 mg sodium and 141 mg potassium.

  • Pumpkin exports around the world in 2017 is around 1.3 billion USD.
  • Mexico is the most exporting country with 450 million USD.
  • Spain and the United States are the countries with the highest sales afterwards.
  • Turkey is # 8 with 30 million USD in export pumpkin.
  • Pumpkin imports over the world are around USD 1.4 billion in 2017.
  • The country with the most imports is America with 400 million USD.
  • France and Germany are the countries with the most purchases afterwards.


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