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Potato is a herbaceous plant from Solanaceae family. Its height can be about 70-80 cm. Its most important feature from differentiating from other plants is that its ability to  reproduce vegetatively. Which means when a part of potato is put under the soil it becomes potato plant by itself and start to reproduce under the soil. Its outer skin can be yellow or red and its interior can be white or yellow. Its origin is South America. It came to Columbia and Venezuela from South America and from there, it came to Chile and Argentina. It first came to Europe by Spain. It can be cultivated in places with mild climate in winter season as an early grown plant.

Potato which has a history of 150 years in Turkey is one of the most important agricultural products. It became a sector on its own with its production, industry, marketing and consumption. Turkey is one of the rare places where potato can be produced all year around thanks to its climate conditions. 368.4 million tonne of potato is produced on an area of 19.4 million hectares on earth. In Turkey alone 4.760.000 tonne of potato is produced on an area of 153.875 hectares. Potato is most produced in Central Anatolia, Black Sea Region and Aegean Region in Turkey. Nevşehir, Niğde, Afyon, Bolu, İzmir and Konya are the provinces that potato cultivation happens the most. %39 of the total cultivation happens in Nevşehir and Niğde.

China is first in terms of countries that produce potato. %21 of world’s potato cultivation is done in China. Countries that produce potato the most after China are Russia with %11, India with %7 and USA and Ukraine with %6 each. Turkey’s contribution to the total potato production is %1.3.

Potatoes that are cultivated in Turkey are imported as seeds from Holland, France and USA. Imported potato is multiplied by production and later on exported. In recent years increase of potato variety received importance and speed. First native potato varieties Onaran and Fatih were produced at 2015. Most produced potato types for food in Turkey; Granola, Latora, Marfona, Elodi, Agria, Cosmos and Marabel. Most produced industrial types; RussuntBurkank, Shepody, Hermes, Van Gogh and Lady Rosetta. Countries that Turkey exports potatoes to on the other hand are Georgia, Syria, Iraq, Azerbaijan and Balkan States.

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Organic & Natural Potatoes
  • Origin: Turkey
  • Cultivars of PotatoGranola, Latora, Marfona, Elodi, Agria, Cosmos, Marabel
  • Packaging: 20 Kilograms for each box. Please ask for special packaging options.
  • Minimum Order Amount: 20.000 Kilograms
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Product Informations

  • It makes the purple circles around the eyes disappear. It also makes black stains around the eyes disappear and gives the skin a natural soft feeling.
  • It destroys stomach gases and helps the digestive tract.
  • As its potassium content high and sodium content low it is beneficial for blood pressure patients and protects heart vessel’s health.
  • As it contains a great amount of Selenium it makes sure that thyroit works normally.
  • Thanks to its rich fiber nature it works intestines and cleans them.
  • It has a protective property against colon cancer.
  • It is effective against constipation.
  • As it is rich in terms of vitamin B it regulates the nerve system and it is effective against exhaustion.
  • It cleans the blood by ejecting toxic materials from the body.
  • Potato juice regulates blood sugar.
  • As potato juice contains vitamin D it is beneficial to teeth and bone health.
  • As potato juice contains vitamin C it is cures flu, cold and the sniffles.

  • 100 g potato with its skin contains; vitamin A, vitamin C, 77 kcal, 17.5 g carbohydrate, 2.1 g protein, 2.1 g fiber, 0 cholesterol, 0.1 g grease, 12 mg calcium, 425 potassium and 0.9 mg iron.

  • Potato exports worldwide are around 3.2 billion USD in 2017.
  • The most exporting country is France with 500 million USD.
  • The next exporter countries are China and Germany.
  • Turkey is located in 15.sıra with 30 million USD in exports.
  • Potato imports in the world are around 3.5 billion USD in 2017.
  • The most importing country is Belgium with 450 million USD.
  • The next importer countries are the Netherlands and Spain.


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