What Are The Peach Varieties?

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24 December 2017
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Peach varieties are delicious fruit varieties that are indispensable for summer months together with the arrival of spring in general and loved by all. Peach varieties are, first of all, very strong and efficient tree species, regardless of the variety of peach trees. Due to the fact that peach trees are very fertile and the harvesting time is extended for a long time. It is also quite economically beneficial to the peach tree growers.

Looking at the name of the peach botany, it was suggested that the main homeland is Iran and the Caucasus. However, later studies have revealed that the main homeland of peach is East Asia and China.

It was taken to the US by the Spanish seamen in the 16th century. It is grown both in the south and north of America. In recent years, peach farming has expanded in Africa, and Australia and New Zealand have also been the most grown up fruit species. The largest peach growing countries in the world, respectively; Italy, USA, China, Greece, Spain, France, Russia, Turkey, Mexico and Argentina.

Turkey to be with different ecology, early productivity fresh consumption as well as juice and can be used as plant my headlamp call can be processed as canned food. Excess and the end of the year in a good market price to create a peach farm’s peach variety has made a major.

Peach Varieties

Blake: Among the most common type of peach is peach varieties in Turkey. As its general structure, its interior is a yellowish and quite watery peach variety. The outer shell is red color interspersed over the yellowish color. Blake peach variety, which is the most fruitful among peach varieties, is widely grown in Turkey. As long as ripening and harvesting time occurs, harvest time occurs between the middle of July and the end of ripening.

Cardinal: It is a general structure of semi-steep and inclined compared to other varieties. Among the peach varieties, Cardinal is a thin and not very juicy peach varieties compared to other peach varieties with its flat structure. In terms of productivity, it is moderately efficient, though not as efficient as Blake. In the same way, the cardinal, which is yellowish and attached to its core, is delicious although it is not very watery. The maturation process is completed with the beginning of July. And in the coming days there is harvest.

Special Peach Varieties

Cresthaven: It is a kind of strong and inclined tree as a tree structure. In general, the fruit shape is a rather large and juicy variety. It is also a thin peach variety that is independent of the kernel of the kernel and has a crust. The ripening process matures towards the end of July and harvest time occurs.

Elegant Lady: It is a very efficient tree species that grows vertically and quite strong as tree type structure. As for the fruit structure, it has a very strong structure against transport and impacts, both in coarse structure and large structure. Elegant Lady, whose fruit is rather juicy and yellowish in its inner part, is independent of the kernel of herring.

Spring Lady: It is very strong as a tree structure and differs widely from other peach varieties. As fruit structure, it is quite large structure and at the same time it is based on crushing. Another feature is shelf life, which is a kind of peach which is also based on the storage process. The outer shell of the Spring Lady is formed with a yellowish and reddish color mixture at the same time as it is not too thick. The Spring Lady is recommended by experts because it is highly efficient and watery.

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