What are The Benefits of Pears?

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3 January 2018
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30 March 2018

Pear is a benefits of pears fruit because it is very rich in fiber. Another vital aspect of fibrous foods is; because of the relatively long digestion times; such as glucose-fructose, in the blood to a long period of time to blend with the glycemic index. For this reason, fibrous nutrients are one of the fruits that can be consumed to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. For example; when consumed with cola and sugary sweets or pastry; Because they are very poor in fiber, all of the sugar in them is immediately confused with the blood and increases the risk of diabetes by causing insulin fluctuations in the body.


Also among the benefits of pears, vitamin C is rich in antioxidants like vitamins. Because it contains potassium, it is a fruit that can easily be consumed by people with problems such as high blood pressure. It is also known as a beneficial fruit in terms of the heart. According to some experts, pear consumption is especially important against palpitations and paralysis. In studies conducted, it has been revealed that regular consumption reduces the risk of stroke paralysis significantly. At the same time, the vitamin K is an insider’s drink. K vitamins, as you know, are a fruit that helps blood clot.


Other Benefits of Pears

Simplifies Digestion: A medium-sized pear contains about 5.5 grams of fiber and is thought to be a very rich source of fiber, if we consider that our daily need varies from 21 to 38 grams.

Does Vitamin C Reinforce: Is there a need to explain vitamin C in a long way? As many of you know, vitamin C prevents infections and strengthens the immune system.

Pear Heart Protection: In many sources, pear is said to have protective properties against cancer, it is also recommended against heart diseases and its cause is usually fiber and lots of antioxidants.

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