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Fresh fruits delivery is made to many points in the world without losing nutritional value. The important factor is to cooperate with conscious firms about food safety and importance. Fresh fruits and vegetables are grown organically without the use of any vaccination and other artificial production methods. Organic products collected in Turfanda are the products of the domestic market as well as the foreign market. For climate conditions, agricultural activities and many more reasons, the countries needing to import vegetables and fruits are delivered in a highly attentive manner.
The foods that have been drugged and vaccinated are unfortunately integrated into our nutritional habits nowadays. In this case, organic products should be preferred in absolute order to create a paradigm change in food safety and organic food consumption. Our company has proved its success with vegetables and fruits that have been delivered to many points of the world without sacrificing quality for more than 10 years. Our company, which is in a very important position in the world market, carries out export activities according to global diversity, local requests and supply-demand balance to improve service quality. Each passing day, the scale of products that are supplied fresh fruits delivery to become more widespread in organic products is expanding.


Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Wholesale prices of dried fruits vary according to demand. At this point there is a unit price balance that shows the parallelism with the quantity of the requested product. Dried fruit preserves both flavour and aromatic properties of the age. It has high nutritional and energy values according to fresh organic fruits. However, many nutritionists also attract attention to the consumption of dried fruits. Dried fruits; Beta-carotene is also very rich in magnesium, vitamin E, vitamin C and potassium. Thus, the increase in demand for dried fruits is inevitable.
Dried fruits are preferred in the nutrition of cholesterol and heart patients, especially in the digestive system, thanks to the rich fibers in its contents. Dried fruits are extremely nutritious as well as low calories. As a result, the diet lists are often among the foods that are frequently encountered. Dry fruit in our wholesale sales, we reach the right point with our stakeholders. Fresh fruits delivery operations are made according to the quantity of products and products demanded. These products are usually ordered as dried apricots, dried figs, dried apples, etc.
Craving for organic fruits and vegetables increases gradually. Artificial cultivation methods Unfortunately undermine the natural development of nutrients and cause serious declines in nutritional values. The consumption of seasonal, hormone-free vegetables, which are not particularly timely, is excluded from the rules of healthy nutrition. When you earn your nutritional habits with non-organic foods. It is possible to encounter consequences such as improper nutrition, stomach discomfort, vitamin deficiency, anemia and obesity. However, frozen foods also signal the same danger.
At this point the solution is to consume fresh and organic vegetables and fruits in the course of the season. We aim to promote organic consumption by offering special solutions to our customers at many points fresh fruits delivery in the world about organic vegetables and fruits. We also aim to increase the quality of human health and nutrition, reduce vaccination processes in agriculture and gain standard consciousness in these subjects.

With cupitfood buying frozen food from Turkey becomes very easy. Cupitfood as a company of supplier of organic fruits and vegetables is able to export the amount you need to anywhere in the world. As one of the best food distribution companies in Turkey, our company only delivers the freshest fruits and vegetables for you. All of our fruits and vegetables are produced with the care they deserve by Turkish farmers. We are ready and determined to provide you with the best Turkish fruits and vegetables. As cupitfood, a turkish exporter of wholesale frozen foods, our mission is to introduce the food that we like and produce with diligence to the world.

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