What Are The Vitamins In Onions?

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Vitamins in onions in large quantities A, B, and especially vitamin C, phosphorus, iodine, silica, sulfur has many useful substances in the body, such as. Has anyone seen the duty essences and digestion-enhancing antibiotics, enzymes noting experts, heart and prostate disorder, pancreas lazy (yuletides), nervous weakness, rheumatism, skin diseases, sexual impotence, weakness of the stomach in diseases such as we know many benefits. Plenty of urine extracted and the breaking down of accumulated water in the body and threw it out.


Vitamins in onions, experts point out that the excess salt in the body also throws out, pancreas by running the insulin secretion increases and lowers the level of candy is recorded. Experts who say that cancer is rare in countries that are over-eaten and that people live a long time tells us that it disinfects small onions, liver and intestines, cleans poisons and prevents food poisoning there, and turns bowel worms.


What do experts say for vitamins in onions?


Experts say it is enough to chew some bread crumbs or parsley after eating to get rid of the onion smell in the mouth. Experts also remind us that the vitamins in onions health must be removed from the potatoes in a dry, cool place, because the onion and potato interact with each other and the onion is soft with the moisture released from the potatoes.


Vitamins in onions , some nutritional values of green nutrition onion are higher and some are lower. The nutritional values of green onion are as follows: 45 calories; 10.5 gr. protein; 1 gr. carbohydrate; Oil and fiber trace amounts; 40 mgr. calcium; 5 mgr. sodium; 231 mgr. potassium; 20 IUA & lt; / RTI & gt; C vitamin.


100 gr. The raw values of raw (unbaked) dry onion are: 38 calories; 1.5 gr. protein; 9 gr. carbohydrate; 0 cholesterol; 0.1 gr. oil; 0.6 gr. fiber; 56 mgr. phosphorus; 27 mgr. calcium; 0.5 mg. iron; 10 mgr. sodium; 157 mgr. Potassium: 12 mgr. magnesium; 40 IUA vitamini; 0.03 mg. B1 vitamini; 0.04 mg. B2 vitamini; 0.2 mg. Vitamin B3: 0, 1 mgr. B6 vitamini: 10 mcgr. Folic acid: 10 mgr. C vitamins and 0.3 mg. Vitamin E onion vitamins.



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