7 February 2017
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6 February 2017

Tomatoes are the tops of the most consumed vegetables nowadays. One of the most important reasons why tomato is consumed so much is its benefits to health. Because of its health benefits, it is due to the rich vitamins and nutrients it contains. Tomatoes contain abundant amounts of vitamin C. It is also a very rich source of folic acid. In addition to all this, Nikopen contains folic acid, lipoid acid, choline, beta-carfrom and abundant lutein.

Tomato helps the body to convert alpha-lipoic acid and glycosis to energy and contains plenty of antioxidants. According to some studies conducted today, the blood sugar of alpha-lipoic acid was revealed to have a regulatory effect. The name of the antioxidant that gives the tomato color is nikopen. We welcome 80% of the nikopen consumption from tomatoes.

Many researches have been conducted until today, and as a result of these researches, the ingredients and vitamins contained in tomatoes have emerged and are scientifically proven to provide protective effects against prostate cancer. Many of the benefits of tomatoes have been finalized. In addition, the scientific research conducted in many countries of the world has emerged that tomato has a protective characteristic of all types of cancers. Colorectal cancer is also found in this cancer disease. It is noted that it is struggling with serious cancer disease because it contains plenty of fiber in the tomato. As a result of some studies made by the American Cancer Society, the nutrients and minerals found in the content of tomatoes are largely beneficial to the prostate, stomach and lung cancers, not to protect people from many types of cancers.

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