Sour Cherries
6 February 2017
7 February 2017

This fruit, which grows in cold climates, is beautifully yellowish and pleasantly fragrant and heavy. It also hardens the shells and flesh, leaving a piquant taste in the mouth when defeated. In warmer countries, the shells are softer and raw can be eaten. The color changes from green to yellow and the taste is between apple and peach. When it is cooked, it is more delicious and smelling than raw because it is eaten raw. Because of the high pectin it contains jam, jelly, candy is made. It is located in the markets from October to December. When purchasing, big, hard and yellow ones are chosen. The plastic bag can be wrapped in a refrigerator for 2 months.

Turkey, which produces a quarter of the world’s quince production, is the first country in the world rankings. Our quince production countries are especially grown in the Mediterranean, Aegean and Central Black Sea Regions. It has a pale throat that changes from green to yellow and between apples and peaches.