6 February 2017
6 February 2017

The peppers are one of the most indispensable vegetables in the kitchens, giving them color and taste in fresh and tomato dishes. It is also considered a large amount of salad, pickle and powder. Green Pepper is very rich in vitamin C. According to the ratio of the icin substance in the content of the included caps, it affects the digestive system as some sort of disinfectant.

The green peppers is very rich in Vitamin C. Depending on the proportion of capsaicin contained in the content, the bitterness of the juice acts as a kind of disinfectant to the digestive system, together with an appetite-enhancing qualification. Red pepper contains high ornamental vitamins. It also contains B6, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Riboflavin, Potassium and Manganese. It accelerates blood circulation.

Peppers increases the body’s resistance to diseases. Provides healing effect in colds. All types of peppers open appetite, stimulate the stomach, increase digestion secretions and facilitate digestion. It accelerates blood circulation, dissolves coagulated blood in the veins, helps to relieve the pain. It helps to heal rheumatic diseases, it dries the inflammation of the joints. Pepper reduces the risk of developing many types of cancers due to antioxidant substances in its contents. Bitter Pepper, which is expectorant characteristic, relieves chronic bronchiitis, helps relieve respiratory difficulties. Because peppers are a vegetable rich in fiber, it’s good for constipation. Reduces the risk of getting heart ailments, seizures and cataract.

Pepper Varieties

Charliston Pepper: Long peppers are larger, thicker walls and fleshy, they constitute a separate group. As with the yellow and green varieties, the flavors are also bitter or sweet.

Pointed Pepper: Long, delicate structure in this group, green, thin-walled, generally sweet, sometimes with bitter peppers, darker green, thicker walls, rather hard textured, shorter, bitter, and sweet varieties of dark green pepper in the Middle Bay Located.

Large Red Pepper: It is a group of long, red-colored peppers. Particularly painful ones are used extensively in the production of red powder pepper and also in making bacon. The more sweetish varieties in this group are mostly used in making pepper paste and pickles specially prepared in homes.

Stuffed Pepper: These peppers, which constitute a group of round coarse peppers, are yellow or green in various tones. Color, coarse and wall thickness vary considerably.

Bevel Pepper: green or yellow, thick walled, mostly sweet sometimes bitter these peppers are used in making pepper paste and red powder pepper rather than when they are completely fried.

Tomato Pepper: This name is called because it resembles tomatoes. These peppers, which are red, plump and succulent, are delicious and are evaluated in pickle in our country as used in the production of tomato paste.