6 February 2017
7 February 2017

Peaches are grown all over Turkey and half of their production is made in the Marmara Region. In the Mediterranean Region, “early”, “Marmara” and in the Aegean Region, “late” varieties are produced. In Turkey, which has an important place in world peach production and exportation, yellow fleshy peach varieties are produced.

One of the most popular fruits of the summer months is peach cherries such as cherries and apricots. The peach, which is thought to have spread from China to the world, has been used in pottery and porcelain decoration in Chinese art as a symbol of long life and immortality.

The peaches growing in the best hot climates were brought to Europe from Iran by the Spaniards. Therefore, the Romans gave the name “PrunusPersica” as a peach.