6 February 2017
1 June 2018

Peaches are a summer bear fruit from the family of Rosaceae. The peach, which is thought to spread to the world from China. It is a symbol of longevity and immortality. It grows in the best warm climates. Plenty juicy and sweet.

It is a plant that likes temperate climate. They usually live for 30 years. There are 2 varieties of peach fruit. It’s a furry peach and a hairless peach. Agriculture is the most in Turkey in Bursa and Mediterranean regions. Fruit juice is also extracted from the juice of the fruit. The economic value of this fruit is high and consumed very much. The tree length is usually 2 2.5 meters and they give fruit in summer.

Peaches are grown all over Turkey and half of their production is made in the Marmara Region. In the Mediterranean Region, “early”, “Marmara” and in the Aegean Region, “late” varieties are produced. In Turkey, which has an important place in world peach production and exportation. Yellow fleshy peach varieties are produced.

The peach is a sweet smelling and juicy fruit that can easily grow from its core. While the peach is consumed in the form of fruit juice and fruit. Kernels are also used as fuel in many places. There are many varieties of peaches with small holes on the cores. The peach that grows on the tree is consumed fresh in the season. While also providing many benefits to health.

Peaches Varieties

There are many different peaches varieties, including the most well-known furry and hairless peach. The general features of peach varieties that are similar to the general views but have entered different categories due to a different characteristic are hairy and fleshy. Approximately 64 peach species grows in our country. Florda, one of the peach varieties seen in the Mediterranean region, is a very productive variety.

The varieties grown in the Mediterranean region, early amber and early red are very juicy and the trees are fertile with yellow coloured interiors. The outer bark of the peach, which has a feathered structure, also has a hairless type called nectarine.

The taste is similar but the nectar is more severe between the differences between. Some of the other known peach varieties include; Elegant lady, Symphonie, Royal glory, Spring Crest, Francoise, Spring Lady, Spring Bella, Vista Rich, rich Lady, Venus, sweet Lady, Silver King, Super Red, Adriana, Big Top, Sun Gold, Cal 85 and tastired.

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