14 June 2018
7 February 2017

Onion, a few varieties, with a lot of health benefits and our food is indispensable vegetable. Almost every meal needs onions. Since it is known to be protective against infectious diseases, it is also used for the purpose of supporting treatment in such health problems. Although the scent is somewhat disturbing, it should be taken in the first place among the vegetables that must be consumed, given the healings it provides.

The consumption of onions with high nutritional value is very important in both our country and the world. In the autumn season in Turkey, onion stock is made in preparation for winter after harvest. Prepared for almost every meal onion, flavor of the meal. The onion used in the food has much to do with counting. Various cures, masks can be made with onions except to use in meals.


Onions Varieties


Fresh Onions: onion, which we call green onions, is used in all kinds of salads or alone.

• Red Onion: The onion with the purple peel is eaten raw at the table. It is used in plenty for salads and pisummers.

• White Onion: This type of onion with white shell is abundant, juicy and sweet. It is mainly used as a table of white onions, salads and some types of dishes. It is a seasonal onion and not a winter onion.

• Yellow Onion: The cottage is a type of onion that is very juicy, the consumption is provided and the inner shells are hard. The use of all types of food is provided. The most we see in the market and market is the onion varieties. In Turkey, this onion is cultivated and consumed at most. This onion is preferred in the winter season.