6 February 2017
7 February 2017

Onions, in general terms Lilies are mostly perennial, herbaceous, some woody plants that have spread in most parts of the world but are more common in hot regions. Under the soil there are onions, rhizomes or ovules. Leaves are flat and streaked or in the form of a heart, while small fragments are in the form of small streaks or flesh.

It can be used for any plant, including Allium genus, of the family Alliaceae, but if no additional definition is given, it is usually used to describe the Allium cepa line, and in this sense it can also be called “garden onion”. Family: Zambakgiller (Liliaceae). Places in Turkey: Most species of Anatolia are naturally spread, while varieties of cultures are grown on all sides.

A plant with 30-100 cm long, perennial herbaceous and bulbous plants that open greenish or pinkish-colored flowers between June and August. Leaves are tubular, hollow, bluish-green color. The flowers are gathered in the form of umbrella in the globular heads. The seeds are black, angular and small.