7 February 2017
6 February 2017

Grapes have the high sugar content  the calorie value is a high nutritional substance. It is also regarded as an important source in terms of some vitamins such as calcium, potassium, sodium and iron rich from mineral materials. However, the quality and quantity of the ingredients that make up the nutritional value of the grape varies depending on the product that is fresh or transformed as a result of processing.


When compared with the grapes of the age, raisins and molasses are richer in terms of higher calorie, iron and calcium minerals than they contain less water. During drying and processing of grape water, significant losses occur especially in vitamins A and C.  In relation to the nutritional values given, grapes are effective in treating the anemia with some liver diseases. It keeps the hypertension under control. It also regulates the operation of the kidney and bowel system without damaging the stomach with the fruit acids and fibrous structure it contains and helps to remove the blood.  In spite of its high calorie content, it is an ideal dietary diet because it contains very low amounts of fat and protein.

Grapes Varieties

1-Kalecik Karası
Named after the Kalecik district of Ankara. It is a genus of round-grain and thick-crust grapes. The wines made in this grape are available for aging, and the tannins rate carries low, soft, fruity carters. The French grapes are similar to Pinot Noir (Pino Nuar).


Belongs to Elazig region. It is a succulent, juicy and coarse-grained grape genus. He’s got that name because he’s big. It is also considered as a table by the people of the region, and it is dried and sold. This grape, which is very light to the tanen rate, is also used alone, and it enters the Kupaja with the currant of the Bosphorus. Very nice wines are obtained from this cup.


Tokat region is a grape. It is named after its delicate structure and its pleasant aroma. It has a thin shell structure. Generally, it is preferred in making wine (semi-dessert). It has a rich and balanced structure and gives the wines suitable for the year. It is one of the rare white grapes that can develop in oak barrels. Turasan Company’s Narince 2014 wine and Kavaklıdere company “Prestige narince ” Wines are very good examples.


It is the white grape of the Aegean region. Due to its meaty, seedless and low acidic structure, it was named Sultaniye in terms of the Sultan’s mouth worthy. It is also consumed as a table and drying. It gives a light, pleasant drink of fruity wines. Kavaklıdere company with the same name, Sultaniye Diye wine and Doluca company Sultaniye-Emir Kupajı. Again, the grapes of the Angora white wine of kavaklıdere company are Sultaniye.