11 June 2018
7 February 2017

Figs, the main homeland of the mulberry family, is a fig fruit that grows in a tree-like plant of Southwest Asia, most of which is grown in the Eastern Mediterranean Region in our country. This fruit, which has a fairly large commercial design, is known as eaten in some regions. The fig fruit which is frequently grown in Aydın and İzmir provinces can be consumed as fresh and dried as well as ezmesi, jam, compost and molasses. It is also used in dessert and pastry at the same time with its wonderful taste. The fiber content is quite high. B1, B2, B3, B6, C vitamini and folic acid is also a very rich fruit. Although it is very useful in terms of health, it has a very low calorie value, so people who have weight problems can easily consume this fruit.

Nutrient value of fig fruit, 1 fresh fig, 0.5 gram protein, 22.4 mg calcium, 10.9 mg magnesium, 149 mg potassium, 0.2 mg iron, 0.1 mg copper, 9 mg phosphorus, 0.1 mg manganese, 0.3 mg niacin, 47 calories, 3 Gram fiber, 0 grams of fat, 16 grams of sugar, 90.9 IUA of vitamins 0.2 mg of B5 vitamins, 0.1 mg of B6 vitamins, 1.3 mg of C vitamins, 3 mcg of K vitamins.

Black Mission Fig

Black Mission Fig is another kind of figurine that is known. There are also very great benefits in this kind, as in other types of figs. Black figs are slightly more sensitive than other figs and at the same time have a different flavor. Black figs are green and quite hard like other figs in the maturation phase. Then it slowly glows and gets the final color black color. When it comes to this, the black fig skin becomes very thin and sweet. The black fig can be eaten directly by the shell because of the thinness of the shell. It will also be much more useful when consumed with black fig skin.

The quality of black figs in Turkey and the taste of Bursa black are produced with care in EUREPGAP standards and hygienic conditions. We also have our own figs garden. Our products are strictly organic. Certainly agricultural medicine is not used. Only natural methods are used. The fruit of the female fig tree must be able to reach the female fig flower of the male flower buds in order for the fig to be formed.

Fig Benefits

The most important feature of fig is that it contains high-grade fiber. This feature contributes significantly to heart health. In the same way, these fibers are very useful for the digestive system and especially for the stomach. Protection of bone health, calcium and potassium are involved in the abundance of figs contained in the body to form a healthy and robust skeletal structure. In addition, very little calorie-containing diets are just one of the most important reasons for choosing fig benefits as food.

The fact that it is rich in incipient potassium has a very helpful role in balancing blood pressure in our bodies, that is, potassium-mineral tension. In today’s conditions, due to canned food, ready-to-eat food and fast-food style, high blood pressure is the most common problem.

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