7 February 2017
6 February 2017

Its puddled body has furry and green compound leaves. The white, pink or purple colors of the whale flowers that grow in clusters from the leaves of the leaves. There are two main forms: a steep shrub (height 30-75 cm) and a hugging feature (height 1-2 m). Fruits that can be flat, round, flat or curled vary in length from 5 to 15 cm and are usually green in color.

The beans can be consumed in green or as seeds separated from the composite leaves. While in the green state, there are varieties named with the names such as Çal beans, Ayşe Kadın beans. In its dried form, it has varieties called dermason, rooster, red bean, bead, sugar, cornelian, cowpea (carnivorous), Dombay bean.