6 February 2017

Apples are a moderate climate fruit grown from ancient times. The cultivated apple tree becomes medium size or large. The crown height is 8-10 m, the width is 8-12 m. The branches open to the sides. The tree becomes flat. As roots are in the crown, they are spread to a much broader extent than to the depth in general. There is no pile root. Branches are divided into two main groups, wood and fruit branches. In the branches of the wood, the nodes are long and the branches of the fruit are generally shorter than the branches of the wood. Flower buds are formed at the tip of the fruit dips. The leaves are thick-textured, the upper surfaces are green or dark green. The lower faces are more or less hairy, the edges are threaded, the stem is long, medium or short. The flowers are a flowering with 2 to 13 flowers. The number of flowers varies according to the variety. Flowering takes 4-15 days depending on the weather.

Vitamins In Apples

In apple eaters, mental disorders and inhalation routes are reported in medical sources where the incidence of discomfort decreases. And the rate of dental decay is less than 30%. The vitamins in apples, the flesh are 83%, 85% water, 0,40 protein, 8,35 invert sugar, 1,60 sucrose, 0,07 tannin, 1, 32 raw fiber 0,41 ash, also very small amounts of manganese, copper. Fluorine, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and the like. And 100 grams of 59 calories are available.

Apple Benefits

The apple, which is very beneficial to the digestive system due to its easy digestion and fibrous fruit, is among the rare fruits with the least risk of colon cancer. Due to its antioxidant properties it is very effective in excretion of the virus in the body. For people of all ages, the apple does not end by counting the apple benefits of your hand, a fruit that must be consumed every day absolutely. Moreover, the apples which are eaten at snack times with the help of a toque holder are also very effective in weakening by facilitating digestion. Almost friendly to all the organs in the body, the apple is one of the healthiest supporters, especially the heart. Although some apple varieties do not have a very sweet flavor, the amount of sugar consumed per day should be balanced.

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