6 Şubat 2017
6 Şubat 2017
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Poisonous herbaceous plants, except ovules, that open up to 60-80 cm in length, whitish-pink flowers. The tubers that are under the soil of the plant are known as “potatoes”. These are important nutrients since they are rich in starch. Although the plant has poisonous alkaloids in the upper parts of the soil, the ovaries are not toxic. However, these alkaloids are formed in germinated potatoes, which causes poisoning. Poisoning manifests itself in disorders of the digestive system, abundant sweating and fatigue. Starch granules in potatoes are egg or pear-shaped and consist of granules in the size of 70-100 microns.

Potatoes are grown from their eggs. The planting is done in March or April according to the climatic conditions. In every climate it is ideal to cultivate clay, non-calcareous soil, deeply plowed fertile soil.